Our Services

Our Services

Fully committed to our service-oriented mentality, we supply all types of vessels, 24/7, in very competitive prices. We can provide our services in each port of Turkey and worldwide.

Technical Support

We supply a broad range of products, including provision and deck, engine and electrical goods, BA charts and publication, safety equipment, cabin and bonded stores, marine paints, greases, detergents and chemicals, workshop repairs, electrical motor rewinding jobs. The service concept comprises the storage, surrender and transport of customers’ own supplies and spare parts. We store the products in our warehouse and, this way, we are able to deliver them in the shortest possible delivery time. We are able to provide almost all the products required within 24 hours. We deliver to the main ports, straits and shipyards in Turkey daily, 24/7 but we also make deliveries in a global level. For more information about the ports we deliver, please contact us.

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The provisions we offer include a variety of fresh, frozen and dry products. For example, we can provide you vegetables, fruits, meat, milk products etc. We can also supply bonded stores such as soft drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, snacks, personal care products etc. The quality of the products is the leading factor for us. Together with our low prices, we are trying to make your experience the best possible.

Other Supplies

Medical supplies, services for the vessel’s communication systems, radio materials, nautical charts and publications, safety and firefighting equipment, cabin stores, gloves, cloth and linen products, cleaning equipment are some of the other supplies we can provide. For more information, please contact us and we will come back to you the soonest possible.